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A letter from the school counselor
A letter from the school counselor
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Unit 5 More reading

A letter from the school counselor

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Teaching Purposes

1. To help the students understand the general idea of the letter, improving their reading skills

2. To help the students get involved in listening and speaking, thus improving their listening and speaking skills

3. To encourage the students to face up to any problems in their study or life.

Teaching Focus

To help the students learn to help others with their problems .

To help the students learn to get help from others when in trouble.

Teaching Difficulty

To get the students to be involved in oral activities and express themselves

Teaching Process

I. Retelling

II. Passage learning

1 reading and answering questions

a. According to the school counselor, what caused the three students to have guilty consciences?

b. How can they get rid of such feelings ?

2 reading and completing the table

Letters from students

The school counsellor’s advice

1 the case of the flowerpot


2 the case of the three tough guys


3 the case of rude checkout assistant



III. Learning how to write a reply giving advice





A reply giving advice

1. the beginning

a. Make a friendly remark

b. give the subject of the letter with one or two sentences

2. the body

Give details of the advice and the reasons for the advice

3. the ending

a. Give your best wishes

b. request for further communication


IV.  listening 

A What are the problems

B. How can the problems be dealt with?



I get 1_________ before exams

Do not let yourself get8___________.Try some9_____________. Do not 10___________ all night before an exam.

I can’t 2___________ my studies. I sometimes dream that I will3______________________.

Every time you feel11_______, listen to music or 12___________. This will help you feel calm and will 13________________.

My friend seems to have forgotten to return my4_________________________.

You could remind her by asking her if she is 14___________ the novel. 

I wanted to take part in a 5_______________ match with my friend, but he said he doesn’t want to.

You and your friend are interested in 15_____________, but you can still be good friends. You can invite him to the match to 16________________.

I have spent so much time on 6___________, but I just can’t seem to 7_____________.

Everyone has 17_______________ sometimes. You should talk to your teacher to find out what you can do 18___________. You can also talk with your friends who are 19_______________ to see if they have any  20________________.

V. Discussion

Getting the students to tell their problems .

Getting the students to help deal with the problems.


V. Assignment

Writhing a reply giving advice

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